You Need a Good Divorce Attorney During This Difficult Time

kurtz-and-blumIf you are thinking about divorce, there are a number of factors that should be considered. Sometimes one spouse has been involved in an affair or there has been some type of emotional or physical abuse. But more often than not, both parties simply agree to split up for no specific reason, known as a no-fault divorce.

In North Carolina, couples need to have lived apart for at least a year before filing.

Couples who pursue a No-fault divorce decree find that it is simpler, quicker and less costly (financially and emotionally) on both parties. In such a case there is no need to prove the other spouse’s wrongdoing. Still, knowing what to expect before filing can save a lot of time and money. Therefore it is highly advisable to enlist the help of an experienced Raleigh divorce lawyer to avoid making mistakes.

No-fault divorce doesn’t necessarily resolve all of the issues surrounding the break up. Issues such as child custody, child support, legal custody, visitation rights, property distribution still must be dealt with before the court will finalize a divorce. A family law attorney can help couples come to an agreement on many of these issues to help move the process along in a timely manner.

Everyone deserves to be happy. In most states there is no longer a need to remain in a relationship where the couple no longer wishes to remain together. If this is where you find yourself don’t hesitate to contact a Raleigh divorce attorney as soon as possible. He or she knows what needs to be done to get the divorce filed as soon as possible. If the agreement is uncontested, the court may move quickly to finalize the decree.


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