Obtaining Limited Driving Privileges Following A DWI Conviction Is Important

kurtz-and-blumWhen a DWI arrest and conviction has occurred, an individual is usually concerned about obtaining driving privileges to travel back and forth to work. In other cases, they may need driving privileges to get to necessary medical appointments or to travel to appointments outlined by the court. A Raleigh DUI attorney can assist an individual with obtaining these driving privileges. There are limited circumstances in which an individual will be given permission to drive after a DWI conviction.

Limited driving privileges, or LDP, make life much easier for anyone whose license has been revoked or suspended. LDP permits individuals to drive for specific reasons such as work or school. For a first DWI offense that has a .08 or above blood alcohol content, a license will automatically be suspended for 30 days. After the first ten days have passed, an individual may be eligible for limited driving privileges. An individual must have had a valid license at the time of the arrest. During the last seven years, there cannot be any prior convictions for DWI. Another requirement is the individual cannot receive another DWI while the first DWI is pending. A valid insurance policy at the time of the arrest is also required.

An individual must show they obtained a substance abuse assessment before they can apply for limited driving privileges. If an individual has any questions about the assessment providers, they should contact their attorney about it. The clerk of the court will need to be paid $100. This type of driving privilege is considered pre-trial privilege and is valid until the 30th day after an individual was charged with a DWI. In order to remain driving after this time, a $50 restoration fee will need to be paid to have a regular driver’s license reinstated.

There are many more options available for an individual to obtain driving privileges after they’ve been arrested or convicted of a DWI. Contact a DWI lawyer for assistance during this criminal proceeding.



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