The Importance of Hiring Ethical Lawyers

Aside from possibly landing you jail time, a conviction can also ruin your reputation. Unless you're eligible for expungement, your criminal records are more or less permanent and thus can affect your future job prospects. Since there's a lot at stake, it's crucial that you hire a dependable criminal defense attorney post haste. However, just … Continue reading The Importance of Hiring Ethical Lawyers


Liability Issues in Workplace Accidents

As one of North Carolina's largest cities, Raleigh is expected to have an extremely busy work environment. To be in step with everyone else, employees double their efforts to accomplish their assigned tasks in a more timely manner; good for them if they are justly compensated by their employers. Of course, there are still those … Continue reading Liability Issues in Workplace Accidents

Drunk Talk: Debunking Myths About Drinking and Alcohol

Myth: Puking helps you sober up. The fact is alcohol absorption by the body is immediate, thus trying to stick your finger down your throat to get rid of “undigested” alcohol is a moot exercise. If anything, self-induced hurling may just cause throat discomfort for hours, and vomitus on your clothes. It is also believed that … Continue reading Drunk Talk: Debunking Myths About Drinking and Alcohol