Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Questions the Legitimacy of Warrantless Search

Under the 4th amendment protections of the US Constitution, police cannot enter a home without a warrant except in exigent circumstances. Very recently, North Carolina police allegedly stormed a Durham home on suspicion of marijuana, entering the premises without a search warrant and terrorizing the people inside. Some of the incident was caught on video.

The video, which was recorded by Vera McGriff, shows North Carolina police forcing their way into her home without a warrant on April 8, saying that they reported catching a whiff of a strong odor that smelled like marijuana. When the police demanded to search the house, McGriff had this to say about the incident, “”I told the officer, ‘No you cannot come in my house without a search warrant.’ The officer put his foot at the bottom of the door and four of them bum rushed me…”


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