Penalties for Sex Crimes in North Carolina

Raleigh, NC Law Firm | Kurtz & Blum, PLLC | 919-832-7700There is a very good reason for people accused of a sex crime to be very concerned. The various offenses under the sex crime statutes carry substantial penalties. Should you be faced with a sex crime accusation, it is best that you immediately seek the help of an experienced sex crime attorney. Their presence can give you the support that you will need, especially when it comes to defending you in court or negotiating the terms of a plea bargain.

Types of Penalties

If you are convicted of certain sex crimes there may be mandatory jail time required. For example, rape cases all carry mandatory minimum prison sentences. The difference or amount of jail time is determined by the exact charges and circumstances. For example, let’s say that you are convicted under the North Carolina General Statutes, of a first degree sexual offense involving a 13 year old victim, and in which serious inflicted injury is inflicted on the victim by use of a dangerous weapon,

A first degree offense is deemed to be a Class B1 felony, in which case the penalty that the defendant will face is no less than 144 months and no longer than life in prison.

A second degree offense, meanwhile, constitutes forcible sexual acts committed against another person without use of a weapon or on one who lacks physical or mental capacity. This type of punishment is considered to be a Class C felony, and a convicted offender could receive no less than 44 months in prison.

Accusations of sex crimes can also be easily made without a lot of direct evidence, thereby putting the reputation and freedom of the defendant at risk over nothing more than the word of another. A sex crimes attorney with Kurtz & Blum may help to preserve their freedom but also their reputation.


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