Lawyer Up for DWI Charge in North Carolina

Raleigh, NC Law Firm | Kurtz & Blum, PLLC | 919-832-7700DWI laws are rather strict all throughout the country and North Carolina is no exception. After all, the intention of the laws is to curb drunk-driving-related crimes and accidents. In North Carolina, for example, the offense of DWI or what others call DUI is penalized not only with admonitions and fines, but also with the possibility of imprisonment.

What Constitutes DWI or DUI?

You are considered to be driving under the influence if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels go beyond the allowed limits. The standard level is at 0.08% for those 21 years old and above, but for commercial drivers and those with prior DWI convictions, it can be as little as 0.04% For drivers below 21 years old, the limit is suspended. Meaning, any concentration of alcohol found is going to constitute an automatic DUI. It is possible to be found to be impaired with a lower breath alcohol concentration but only in cases where the officer testifies to appreciable impairment.

Fines and Penalties

Should you be convicted of a DUI charge, you can expect to lay out some serious cash and have your license suspended for a determined amount of time. You will also face fines and likely community service.

A limited amount of jail time is also mandatory in most cases. Alcohol safety school and other similar programs may also be ordered.

This is why it’s important that you immediately get in touch with a qualified Raleigh DWI attorney if you are charged with such an offense.

Having the know-how in handling such a case may help improve your chances of escaping conviction entirely or getting the minimal possible punishment.


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