Three Instances Where You Need a Family Attorney

Raleigh, NC Law Firm | Kurtz & Blum, PLLC | 919-832-7700A family attorney can make a huge difference when you are facing legal issues that affect your family. When you’re involved in a family dispute, you may tend to react solely on how you feel at the moment.

And most of the time, anger makes people react very irrationally. When this happens, you may regret decisions that you make. This is where a family attorney can be a helpful resource. He or she can provide sound and law-based advice.

But when do you exactly need a family attorney? Here are three instances.


Adoption can bring a big change to your family, and to do it right without too much stress, getting a lawyer involved is crucial. A family attorney that focuses on adoption procedures can give you assurance and confidence throughout the entire process.

If you haven’t found an adoption agency, an adoption attorney can also refer one they think is a good choice. Additionally, they can file the necessary paperwork that could make the whole adoption easier and faster. And they can represent you in the court if necessary.


Divorce is an emotionally-charged process. The presence of a family attorney who is knowledgeable about divorce proceedings can help you reach a reasonable agreement.

Prenuptial Agreements

While both spouses can use the assistance of legal representation when doing a prenuptial agreement, a family attorney who has prenuptial experience can be a big help. Each state is governed by its own matrimonial laws.

It is not wise to attempt to learn about them on your own. A family attorney can simplify the process while you prepare other things for your wedding.


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