Types of Child Abuse That Can Be Brought to Court

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal LawyersMany cases of child abuse go unreported, and some of those are due to ignorance of what really constitutes abuse committed against a child. Under federal law, a “child” is one who is below the age of 18 or isn’t an emancipated minor.

There are four main categories of child abuse. One of the first steps to a solid child abuse defense is knowing what these four areas are.

Physical Abuse

Reportedly, 28.3% of adults have confessed that they’d been physically abused during their childhood. Physical abuse is any action that causes injuries to a child. It is arguably the most noticeable especially when the child has bruises, scratches, burns, blisters or cuts. Even when a parent or a nanny did not intentionally intend to cause injury, it could still be considered to be abuse in many cases.

Sexual Abuse

The state law of North Carolina specifically mentions forms of sexual abuse that are considered to be offenses against a child. These offenses include rape, molestation, sale of a child to perform any act for anyone’s sexual gratification, purchase of a minor for purposes of rape, incest, dissemination of obscene materials to minors, promotion of prostitution, child pornography or sexual exploitation, as well as taking indecent liberties with a juvenile.

Child Neglect

A child is neglected when a parent or a caregiver does not provide the care, affection, supervision or support that he or she needs to stay healthy, safe and educated. Unfortunately, it is still open to discussion at which age a minor may be left at home unattended in North Carolina.

Emotional Abuse

Among all the types of child abuses, this one is arguably the hardest to spot. North Carolina condemns causing any child any emotional damage that may result in severe depression, anxiety and aggressive behavior of the child towards other people.


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