What Does a Drug Lawyer in Raleigh Do?

A Raleigh drug lawyer advocates for clients accused of any matters relating to drugs. He (or she) set aside their personal opinions whether their client is guilty or not. Such is the nature of an adversarial system. In this way, they can defend their client’s cause and get him the best possible outcome especially if the case goes to court.

Lawyers who focus on drug-related cases interview clients and witnesses before hearings or trials. When a prosecutor offers a defendant a plea bargain, a smart drug lawyer will discuss the deal with their client and point out all of the pros and cons. The lawyer usually advises the defendant, telling him whether to agree or not to the bargain. The legal implications associated with each action is also discussed. In the end, it is always the client who makes the decision as to how they wish for the drug attorney to handle their case.

The drug lawyer makes court appearances and takes time to prepare and go to trial. They may also appear at administrative hearings or bail hearings on behalf of their client. A drug lawyer makes time to perform legal research regarding laws and statutes in order to help improve the case of the client. A high degree of fluency in search and seizure law is an absolutely paramount skill for a drug lawyer.

Another duty of a drug lawyer includes getting witness statements and looking for other types of non-verbal evidence, such as video footage. The lawyer sometimes hires investigators in order to inspect certain elements of the case. The facts are then interpreted and analyzed by the lawyer so that the evidence can best be used to enhance the position of the client. In addition, a drug lawyer can hire expert witnesses in order to help bolster the client’s case.

Undeniably, getting help from a trusted and reliable drug lawyer can spell the difference in winning or losing a case.  Learn about your options and be smart when selecting the legal professional who will handle your case.


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