What Are the First and Second Convictions of a DUI?

When faced with a DWI or a DUI charge, you need to have a DUI attorney to defend yourself appropriately against the state. And if you’ve never been charged with a such a crime, it still would be wise to know the “true” repercussions of being convicted for driving while intoxicated in the state of North Carolina.

First Conviction

For your first conviction, a one-year revocation of your driver’s license will apply. After your driver’s license is restored, if you blew a .15 or above and an interlock device was ordered, your alcohol concentration limit will be decreased to 0.04 for three years.

Unless there are aggravating or mitigating circumstances, your punishment for your first conviction might simply be limited to a fine, 48 hours of imprisonment or 48 hours of community service. The maximum punishment for a level 4 DWI, on the other hand, is a $500 fine and 120 days imprisonment.

Second Conviction

For your second conviction, you could face up to four years of revocation for your driver’s license especially if you are convicted within three years from the date of your first offense.

The minimum punishment includes at least 7 days in jail. The maximum punishment includes a $4,000 fine and imprisonment of up to 24 months.. A DWI attorney may be able to help you minimize the penalties, though the final decision is still up to the court.


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