Drug Abuse among Medical Professionals on the Rise, Notes Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

When someone mentions drug abusers, medical professionals are some of the last people you might think of. But you might be surprised that many doctors are addicted to prescription drugs. As a criminal lawyer I can tell you that it’s more widespread than you would think and many have been apprehended for their actions.

In Nags Head, North Carolina, Barrett and Patrice Welch, owners of a local animal hospital, turned themselves after two search warrants were executed at their hospital and home. Investigators found more than 200 un-prescribed pills in the animal hospital and 100 in the couple’s home.

Not a New Problem

While substance abuse among medical professionals may sound unusual, this is actually a growing problem. According to Lisa Merlo, PhD of the University of Florida’s Center for Addiction Research and Medication, physicians are more likely to misuse prescription drugs.


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