What to Bring to Your First Meeting With a Divorce Attorney

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal Lawyers

Many couples in Raleigh and surrounding communities get divorced each year. If you are going through the same thing, you might need help with dividing assets, structuring child custody arrangements and more. Whether you have decided to move forward with a divorce or you are simply on the fence about the possibility, an initial consultation with a divorce attorney is a great starting point. There are a few documents that you can bring along with you for your divorce case that may help you to make the meeting more productive.

First, if there is a reason for the divorce, such as an adulterous affair, bringing proof of the relationship can be helpful. In addition, bringing supporting documentation regarding your assets and income, such as bank statements and tax returns will also be ideal. The initial documentation you bring can give the attorney a better idea about how to structure the divorce as well as which additional documentation may need to be viewed in order to create a fair and equitable case based on the specific circumstances.

Some divorces are relatively straightforward while others can be rather complex and cumbersome to go through. Working with a skilled attorney who has many years of experience with divorce cases can ease some of your stress and may help you to achieve better overall results.


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