Traffic Safety for Bicyclists

Compared to a vehicle driver, cyclists are much more vulnerable to injury. That makes it important for both drivers and cyclists to acknowledge each other’s presence on the road, and to follow traffic rules so as to avoid bicycle accidents. For cyclists, here’s what to avoid to ensure safer travel:

Unsafe speeds

When cyclists see an open road, they often view it as a reason to ride fast and hard. But cyclists need to maintain sufficient speeds so they may be able to come to a controlled stop when needed. They also need to ensure that their speed is not excessive for the road conditions and allows them to negotiate required stops along the roadway.

Passing a line of stopped cars

When a cyclist approaches a number of cars paused at a traffic light or stop sign, his first thought would probably be to pass the cars on the right. This can pose a certain risk as the cyclist reaches the intersection because the first car may make a right turn and block the cyclist as he attempts to pass.

As a cyclist, if you should ever find yourself involved in a road accident, the smart thing to do is consult a personal injury lawyer immediately. Doing so will help make you aware of what you need to do moving forward, and if you should pursue a lawsuit or not.


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