Risks for a Drunk Driver’s Passenger

Risks for a Drunk Driver’s Passenger

It’s usually the driver who gets in trouble when a police officer pulls a car over. While this is mostly the case, the passenger can also face some risks even if he (or she) is not at all intoxicated. If you’re a passenger, the arresting officer can arrest you, too, on a different charge. You will need a lawyer’s help to avoid these charges:

Reckless Endangerment Aiding and Abetting

If the police finds you sober, they could question you why you did not take the wheel from the intoxicated driver if it was obvious they were drunk. A lawyer may use defenses like having no license, having a medical condition, having no knowledge of driving, or having legal restrictions preventing you to drive in certain situations. If you are unable to give a good reason as to why you let your friend drive while under the influence of alcohol, you may be charged with reckless endangerment for putting the driver, yourself and others in harm’s way.

Public Intoxication

There are instances when the arresting officer will chose to just let you go home after the driver’s arrest. You may be asked to phone a sober friend or a taxi company to drive you home especially if you have been drinking. If you can’t find someone to take you home, there is a risk of getting arrested for driving while impaired yourself if you make the mistake of choosing to drive.


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