Pleading Down a DWI Charge

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal Lawyers

A person charged with driving while impaired (DWI) may face serious consequences if he is found guilty. Even if a first offense, the individual could face jail time, fines up to $2000, and loss of driver privileges. Those convicted who are underage may receive additional penalties since DWI and underage drinking are separate crimes that come with their own set of punishments.

If there is ample evidence to ensure a conviction, you can hire a criminal attorney. Depending on the evidence, he or she may suggest you are better off pleading down the DWI charge.

Plea Bargain

Plea bargaining is common when criminal charges are involved. Lawyers can help you negotiate and make arrangements with the prosecution to soften the blow. Each case is different, so the circumstances and charges will determine which strategy to pursue.

Here are three ways to negotiate the plea bargain: dismissing one charge against you, pleading guilty to a less serious violation you are charged with, and agreeing to a sentence with a reasonable fine or without suspension of license. Remember that it is important to seek legal advice first before you make any deals, or assuming that certain deals are available.


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