Suing Outside of Worker’s Compensation Claim

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal Lawyers

Workplace accidents happen. If you were injured at work, it is your right to file a worker’s compensation claim. While this is the most logical and most well-known step to hold a company directly responsible for its actions, it is not the only one. Sometimes, employees can sue outside of worker’s compensation. You should consult a personal injury lawyer first, but here are some examples:

  • Defective Product – Sometimes machines and equipment fail. When they do, they can cause dangerous accidents to occur in the workplace. The company and the manufacturer could be held accountable for faulty equipment.
  • Intentional Harm – When the employer, supervisor or another employee intentionally harms an employee. The injured employee can receive compensation that exceeds what he can receive in a typical worker’s compensation claim.
  • Harmful Substance – People exposed to dangerous materials such as asbestos and other harmful substances can also sue outside of worker’s compensation if they are injured by these substances. These can lead to acute injuries, such as poisoning and chemical burns and latent injuries like lung diseases and cancer.
  • Third Party – When a third party caused the injury, such as a delivery driver. They could be sued for damages.

Suing a business or person can be very complicated. You should seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer to get just amount of compensation for damages incurred and injuries.


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