Pulled Over by the Fuzz? Don’t Panic

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal Lawyers

DWI arrests often don’t necessarily begin with a suspicion of impaired driving. Law enforcers pull over vehicles on the road for many reasons, including faulty lighting or expired plates. However, once an officer talks to the driver and smells alcohol, a routine traffic stop can suddenly have the potential to become a DWI arrest.

The sad truth about alcohol is that, no matter how little you consume, you could still end up smelling like you’ve had one drink too many. Once an officer gets a good whiff of alcohol in your breath, you’ll likely be “asked” to perform a series of sobriety tests to confirm his suspicion. If you fail one or more of the tests, you might be charged, placed in the back of the police vehicle and given a one-way ride to the station.

It can sometimes be better to respectfully decline the tests. However, North Carolina has implied consent laws that basically require you to be tested for DWI if you get arrested on the road. According to these laws, declining field sobriety tests will often result in the presumption that you are impaired.

If you get pulled over on the road always respond to any officers requests in a polite, friendly and courteous manner. If anything, it may help you get on the officer’s good side, and if he believes that you’re fit to drive, you may get off with just a warning.


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