Criminal Lawyer Share Why It’s Always a Bad Idea to Leave Your Car Running Unattended


It’s always a bad idea to leave your car running unattended. If you make this mistake, criminals can take advantage of the situation and try stealing your valuable property. Recently, this happened to a resident of Fayetteville, who just left her car running while buying something in a convenience store. Thankfully, the thief was arrested after the woman called her family members, who blocked the criminal’s path with another vehicle.

The criminal, Jermaine Abdul Bean, was also a suspect in several other crimes. According to the news article from WRAL, Bean was charged with “two counts of larceny of a vehicle, possession of a stolen vehicle, hit-and-run and driving with a revoked license” for this incident and another on June 3, plus “felonious breaking and entering, felonious larceny and possession of stolen goods” for an incident on June 10.


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