What to Do in Case of False Allegations

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal LawyersIf you were falsely accused of a crime, and you successfully defended yourself in court and had the charges dismissed, you may feel that you have finally rid yourself of a huge burden. However, you may still need to face the consequences of the false allegations.

If the charges involved sex offenses, drug crimes, or something similar, the aftereffects can be serious, particularly on your reputation and your career or business. You may feel the need to file a legal complaint, such as defamation of character, slander, or malicious prosecution, against those who falsely accused you.

Your Defense Strategy is Essential

That legal option would only be available or acceptable if you’ve been exonerated (i.e. the trial is over and you’ve been declared not guilty). This means you need to have a solid defense strategy and a skilled criminal attorney who can help clear you of the charges brought against you.

You need to amass evidence proving your innocence. Additionally, your defense team should note any inconsistencies in the statements of the complaining witness, or any bogus evidence. This will help in your exoneration, and later on, in your legal actions against the person/s who had wrongfully accused you.

It’s possible for that person to navigate the justice system and end up suing you for defamation when you file a false allegations lawsuit against him/her. It can be tricky and highly technical, so you will definitely need the advice and legal representation of experienced defense lawyers.

The criminal defense attorneys at Kurtz & Blum vigorously defends their client’s rights. To contact a Raleigh criminal lawyer please call 919-832-7700.


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