Why Parents of Teens Need Criminal Attorneys Today

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal LawyersThe digital age has brought many changes in society, and parenting is no exception. It surely offers many benefits, but it has presented new challenges to parents, especially those who are rearing teens. Thanks to the Internet and its applications, it is now easier for kids, particularly teens, to learn things they shouldn’t; or get into trouble with a few clicks on their computer or smartphone. This makes it difficult for parents to prevent teens from committing grave mistakes that could unknowingly cause them to land in jail, or face other legal problems.

One example is sexting, which may include the exchange of naked pictures or videos. When done by minors, this could be legally considered child pornography, and could lead to the teenager being charged with sex crimes. Other careless actions could have unexpected consequences, such as the case of 18-year-old Michelle Carter, who was charged with involuntary manslaughter in Massachusetts for allegedly urging her friend to commit suicide.

Given all the legal incidents involving teens these days, some legal experts have been encouraging parents to get in touch with a criminal attorney and keep their contact information handy. The lawyers can advise parents about the potential legal consequences of their children’s activities, like drinking alcohol at home, for instance. In the unfortunate event that teens unwittingly find themselves in legal trouble, a criminal attorney will be there to make sure their rights are protected and they are properly represented in court.

The criminal defense attorneys at Kurtz & Blum want parents to know their rights. To contact a Raleigh criminal lawyer please call 919-832-7700.


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