Does Legalizing Pot Really Reduce Crime?

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal Lawyers






North Carolina State lawmakers remain divided on the matter of marijuana legalization. Just this March, they killed House Bill 78, considered as the most extensive effort ever made to legalize pot within the state. The bill had passed the First Reading and was referred to several committees before it met an untimely demise. House Bill 317, which legalizes pot for terminally ill patients, will be their next move.

Pro-marijuana advocates argue that cannabis has the ability to be helpful when it comes to treating various diseases. In addition, they cite a drop in violent crimes as among the benefits of legalizing cannabis. One can point out, however, that the reduction can be attributed at least somewhat to the decriminalization of marijuana in certain states. In other words, cases of pot use are taken out of crime statistics since they’re no longer regarded as crimes in those areas.

Whichever road North Carolina decides to take in this matter, criminal defense lawyers can be relied upon to provide competent legal counsel and help every defendant make a wise decision, e.g. whether to let their case go to trial or to enter a plea bargain to potentially reduce the penalties.


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