Hit-and-Run Charge: What’s the Best Defense?

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal LawyersMost drivers know that they have an obligation to stop at the scene of an accident if they believe another party to have been injured. Still, only a few drivers know that they also have a duty to stop even when the accident solely involves property damage. Drivers who flee the scene of an accident resulting in damage to property could face a hit-and-run charge, which still entails serious penalties in North Carolina.

The fact that a driver fled the scene may constitute strong evidence of guilt. If there are witnesses who can place the driver at the scene of the accident, it is now up to the latter to find a way to deal with the possible charges. A wise option would be to seek legal counsel right away.

The smartest way to fight a hit-and-run charge that leads to property damage is to establish that the driver did not cause the accident. Lawyers can have the vehicle involved checked for mechanical failure. Things like brake defects are a good start for a strong defense strategy.

If it cannot be proven that the vehicle’s condition is questionable, another defense strategy worth looking into would be intervening factors like poor road conditions or inadequate placement of road warning signs. If these justifications are compelling, the driver being held liable for the accident has a strong chance of having the penalties reduced.


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