Facts about North Carolina Dog Bite Laws

Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal LawyersAs a Raleigh resident, you should be aware that North Carolina has dog bite laws that impose strict liabilities for dog owners. This means if a dog bites you, it’s possible for you to receive compensation for your injury under the doctrines of negligence, scienter (a.k.a. the vicious propensity rule), intentional tort, and the limited dog bite statute. Even if the dog has no history of biting or vicious behavior, the owner can potentially still be held accountable for his or her animal’s actions in certain limited cases.

One thing you should learn about North Carolina’s dog bite laws is that the state practices the ‘one free bite’ rule. What this rule implies is that a dog owner can be relieved of liability if it’s the first time his or her dog has ever bitten anyone. The rule upholds the idea that the dog owner is presumably unaware of his/her dog’s inclination toward violent behavior, and that he/she needs to practice certain precautions in future to prevent the animal from causing injury to others.

In cases such as the one described above, dog bite victims are advised to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately after the incident. Failure to do so may cause a victim further inconvenience by losing out on possible compensation in the context of the law.


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