An Insight into Hit-and-Run Charges in NC

Drivers are not only expected to follow road safety rules, but they are also expected to do the responsible thing when they get involved in an accident. That is, if they accidentally hit another car or a pedestrian, they have the duty to extend help or call for help.

Unfortunately, some people can’t handle this situation well. For instance, a driver with a tendency to panic would likely flee the scene of the accident, leaving the victim behind. In this case, the driver is likely to be charged with a hit-and-run offense.

In North Carolina, those convicted of a hit-and-run face penalties based on the gravity of the accident. Those who leave behind a victim with only minor physical injuries are liable to face a Class A1 misdemeanor charge. Once convicted, they could spend a maximum of 150 days in prison. Those who leave behind a victim with severe injuries, meanwhile, are likely to face a Class H felony charge. When convicted, they could face a maximum of 25 months in jail. The courts of North Carolina treat hit-and-run cases involving injury to a person very seriously.

Suspects have the option to turn themselves in. Those who do have a chance of having their charges reduced if they are armed with a good defense strategy courtesy of an experienced attorney. One strategy would be to plead they had no knowledge the accident resulted in an injury.


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