What to Do after a Drunk-Driving Accident

No one wants to be involved in a drunk-driving accident, nor do people generally expect to be in one. The sad news is that it can happen to you at anytime, so it pays to be prepared. Here are a few helpful tips to remember in the unfortunate event that you encounter a drunk-driving accident.

Check yourself for serious injuries


You first need to confirm that you’re okay. If you have passengers, you’ll need to confirm their status as well. Call for medical help if necessary. Once this is done, the next thing you need to focus on is to make yourself visible on the road by turning on your hazard lights or placing an early warning device behind your car. This is important to prevent further injury or damage if you were to get struck by another vehicle who can’t see that your car has been in an accident.

Call the police

Once the police arrive and ask you for information regarding the accident, it’s important not to say anything that may implicate you. Keep yourself composed and avoid getting into an argument over whose fault it was. Just focus on making sure that everyone is okay.

Call a DWI lawyer

Make sure you have the number of a DWI attorney in Raleigh so you can call him or her immediately if need be. Doing so will ensure that your rights are protected.


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