How Alcohol Affects Driving Ability

Excessive alcohol consumption should never be taken lightly. Too much alcohol can be dangerous, not only to the intoxicated person, but also to those around him. Alcohol consumption can affect your driving ability by causing blurred or impaired vision, delaying your reaction time, reducing your concentration on the road, or making you feel overconfident, which can cause you to take dangerous risks.


You may think you’re safe, but you aren’t

An intoxicated driver may start to think that as long as he is extra careful, he may still be able to control the car safely, despite the amount of alcohol in his system. However, because alcohol mainly distorts perception and general mobility, he may no longer be aware that his driving skills have actually become more of a liability than an advantage when put to use. His ability to quickly react to sudden changes in road situations may be much slower that what is required, thereby putting himself, his passengers and other motorists and pedestrians at risk.

Tips for driving safely

Our best suggestion is that if you know that you have to drive home, then you should avoid drinking altogether. However, if you’re out drinking with friends, you should keep track of how much alcohol you consume and avoid getting behind the wheel if you’ve had more than the legal limit. If you do have too much to drink, be prepared with a backup plan, such as having a designated driver, so you don’t have to drive to get home. Remember – it is better to have to pay for a cab than to pay the fines on a DWI charge!


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