Discussing DWI Dash Cams

Many police cruisers all across the U.S. carry a camera mounted on their dashboard, known as a “dash cam.” This camera records everything the cruiser sees in front, which can be used as evidence against someone arrested later on. The dash cam can sometimes tell a better story than police reports and witness claims.

Dash cams can either be your enemy or friend in the case of a traffic violation, especially DWI. If the footage doesn’t match the reports, your chances of an acquittal increases. However, if the police can’t produce any footage of the incident, this does not mean that acquittal is assured. Dash cam videos are important, but they are only one tool in your lawyer’s arsenal. Lawyers see dash cams as useful for the following reasons:



Reports Can Exaggerate

It may be wise to adopt a “see-to-believe” approach when tackling these cases. Written reports may discuss the story in detail, but anyone with good vocabulary can play with words and twist the real story. While dash cam footages aren’t immune to falsification, they often appear in court in their raw, unedited form.

This becomes important when lawyers sense police misconduct in the works. More often than you might expect, dash cams can reveal details that were exaggerated in police reports.


Lawyers can review the footage to point out key details of the incident to be used in litigation. A DWI defense can’t simply rely on dash cam footage, of course, but admittedly, having it included in the evidence can prove to be advantageous for quick and favorable resolution of the case.

The law firm of Kurtz & Blum vigorously defends their client’s rights.  To contact a Raleigh lawyer please call 919-832-7700.


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