Caseload Matters

If you’ve been arrested for a crime, you may have the choice between an attorney in private practice or a public defender. While both types of attorneys are held to the same ethical standards, chances are, you may be better off trusting a criminal attorney who works at or runs their own practice.

The primary reason for this is often the size of an attorney’s caseload. A public defender may have hundreds of cases on their plate on any given time. This can make a world of difference, as the number of cases an attorney is working on is likely to affect the amount of time and effort he can put into a particular case.

On the other hand, a criminal attorney in private practice generally has a smaller caseload and has more time to spend on each case. As a result of this, more of the attorney’s focus can be directed to your case, which can have dramatic effect on the outcome in court.

At Kurtz & Blum, we often have several attorneys working a case. The team approach is a terrific benefit to our clients since they are able to discuss ideas and strategies to come up with the best options.

An attorney in private practice generally offers more personalized support to you during such a difficult time. Attorneys take an active role in reassuring their clients every step of the way, and may also provide counsel about the broader implications of how an outcome may affect a client’s life.



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