What Happens at Checkpoints

The State of North Carolina enforces checkpoints to minimize unfortunate circumstances due to impaired driving. Police officers set up roadblocks on public roads and stop every vehicle that passes by. Usually, these law enforcement officials will ask the drivers to pull over and open their windows, and the former will then check if the driver appears to have been drinking or was drunk while driving.

While checkpoints are a good way to curtail drunk driving incidents, not many people know that police officers must follow a certain protocol to ensure the smooth implementation of these roadblocks. For instance, checkpoints are not conducted on a whim. They are planned in advance to ensure they are done according to policy and procedure.

A checkpoint should also not excuse any driver; police officers should not let an individual pass by easily without checking him or her. At checkpoints, every driver is asked to stop. If police officers are stopping vehicles at random, this could be grounds for an invalid sobriety check.

At a checkpoint, police officers will typically request drivers to show them their license. If the drivers refuse, the law enforcers have the right to follow and stop them. Drivers are, therefore, encouraged to be responsible and to always keep their license and registration papers updated.Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal Lawyers


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