How Criminal Attorneys Bill for Services attorneys charge their clients for their services in different ways. The complexity of the case usually influences how much they charge, but other intricacies apply as well. Particularly important is the method attorneys use to bill their clients, which will follow one of the patterns below:

By The Hour

Some attorneys bill their clients by the hour. This hourly billing model usually takes into account the time spent studying the case and doing paperwork, alongside the time involved during the actual court representation.

Hourly billing provides great value when the attorney is able to close the case quickly, but on the other hand, if the case drags on for longer than expected, fees for attorneys billing hourly can grow to a substantial size.

Per Case

Attorneys who charge on a per case basis perform the necessary work solely on the fixed fee they charged. This makes per case billing particularly advantageous for the client if the case drags on for a long time because there will be no ballooning payment. On the other hand, an early resolution of the case does not guarantee a refund of amount that may have been paid in excess of the actual work done.


Some lawyers may use a billing model where they charge hourly up to a certain fixed sum—the attorney continues working for the client, but won’t charge more. This eliminates any disadvantages of charging both hourly and per case while retaining the advantages of both.


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