How DWI Charges Affect Your Driving Privileges

Aside from possible jail time, fines and/or community service, a person convicted of driving while impaired (DWI) will face the suspension of driving privileges. This can be extremely inconvenient for someone who needs to drive every day to get to work or school.

Sanctions like loss of driving privileges, revocation of license, and seizure of vehicles are warranted depending on the nature of the offense committed. The graver the misdemeanor – where Level V is the most minor offense and Level A1 is the most serious – the longer the license will be revoked. The likelihood of license revocation increases with repeat offenses and aggravating factors, such as driving with a revoked license or driving with children in the vehicle.

In most cases, a person with a revoked license can apply for limited driving privileges or LDP. Usually, eligibility for LDP commences after a certain period, such as 10days after revocation during pre-trial or45 days after conviction if someone’s BAC was higher than 0.15. When you qualify for LDP, you can generally use the privilege for official business (for instance, driving from home to work or school and back) within the standard time of 6AM to 8PM on weekdays. An authorization letter would aid exceptions.

Regardless of circumstance, level of offense, and punishments imposed in the state, DWI defendants and convicted individuals can benefit from consulting a Raleigh DWI attorney. A reputable DWI lawyer helps the client fulfill all requirements and may eventually help to regain certain driving privileges.Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal Lawyers


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