Cases Personal Injury Attorneys Handle


Many personal injury attorneys focus on representing clients with specific complaints or grievances. Some attorneys handle medical malpractice cases, others may deal with workers’ compensation claims, and still others may tackle particular injuries such as burns and spinal cord trauma.

Here is a short and by no means complete list of areas where personal injury attorneys devote their time and considerable knowledge:

Car accidents – Some attorneys handle mostly car accidents. These attorneys know the right experts to approach for such things as analysis of skid marks on the road to determine the velocities of the vehicles involved in an accident as well as identify the cause of a brake failure.

Medical malpractice – Attorneys who take on medical malpractice cases will likely know doctors on a medical standards board who can testify to the proper procedures that should have been followed to avoid injury to the patient.

Product liability – In order to establish that a particular product’s design was the cause of an injury sustained by its user, a personal injury attorney must be able to offer circumstantial evidence and expert assessments from product design specialists who can attest to this fact.

Since personal injury covers such a broad spectrum of possible injuries, it’s always best to consider a lawyer’s qualification, background, and experience beforehand. This way, the victim has better chances of winning the litigation and securing a favorable settlement.


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