Acquittal: A DWI Lawyer’s Job

kurtzRegardless of the client’s degree of culpability, protecting the rights of the client remains the DWI lawyer’s sole mission—nothing more, nothing less. It is not about finding out the truth, bending to the needs of society, or determining who’s right or wrong.

The United States Supreme Court shares the same view on the matter. In its description of the defense attorney’s job, the Supreme Court states that poking holes in the case against the defendant is the defense lawyer’s most important role. The court even goes as far as to suggest that such a lawyer may attempt to confuse state witnesses and make them appear disadvantaged, unsure, or indecisive.

One ultimately has to wonder why this is so. Well, there’s actually a very logical explanation for this: each party involved in a case has a job to do. The court’s job is to seek justice, i.e. to find out who is right and who is at fault. The prosecution’s job is to seek conviction. Finally, the job of the defense is to seek to prevent unjust convictions.

If any of these three parties does not carry out the job it is supposed to do, then the process of seeking justice becomes biased toward one side or the other. By working in this manner, the rights of everyone involved are protected, and what prevails is the truth based on the facts presented.


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