DUR: DUI under the Radar


Murphy’s Laws of Combat states that you should never look conspicuous unless you want to draw fire. Indeed, back in World War II, big aircraft carriers on the Pacific were prime targets for enemy fighters every day.

The same principle applies to drunk driving, as with most forms of crime. Police are always on alert for cars that look or drive suspicious, and accordingly conduct day and night patrols as well as set up checkpoints in key areas. Aside from erratic driving, what do police officers consider suspicious? You may be surprised as to how simple the answer is.

At night, for instance, you can be pulled over for something as simple as forgetting to turn your headlights on. Given that DUI cases happen quite frequently, police may conduct field sobriety tests for good measure. Patrols and checkpoints increase during holidays such as St. Patrick’s Day and Memorial Day.

For the same reason, police can also pull drivers over for using high-beam lights unless called for. High-beam lights should only be used when the road is pitch black and when signaling a motorist on the opposite lane to drive with caution (aka a flickering action). Turn on the high beams at a police checkpoint and…well, you get the picture.

With police taking DUI seriously, the best solution is to simply have someone drive you to your destination. Better yet, enjoy your beer at home.


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