Workers Compensation in North Carolina

An employee who gets injured at work will be advised by his employer or health insurance company to seek benefits under workers compensation. If you have been injured and have never filed a claim before, you may not know what workers compensation is, and what benefits you are entitled to.

kurtzThe first thing you should know is that workers compensation does not require a showing of fault or negligence on the part of your employer. All that’s required for you to receive compensation for your work-related injury is that it must be by accident, and it arose out of—and in the course and scope of—your employment.

Workers compensation benefits in North Carolina include medical, wage loss, and death benefits.

Medical benefits provide an injured worker with the medical treatment and rehabilitation needed by the worker to get back to his work. There is no limit to the medical treatment the employer is to provide an injured employee.

Wage loss benefits refer to the wages ‘lost’ because of the injured person’s time off from work.

Death benefits are payable in the event that an employee gets killed as a result of a job-related accident or occupational disease.

To learn more about workers compensation, don’t hesitate to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer.


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