Dealing with a Workplace Slip-and-Fall Injury

At first glance, working at an office in Raleigh, NC doesn’t look like it would present hazards as construction sites do. However, working at an office doesn’t necessarily guarantee employee safety, and an office worker can be prone to an injury or accident as well. For instance, an employee may trip over wayward computer or printer cables on the floor while rushing to get some important documents printed.

Suffering from a slip-and-fall accident at the office may not sound like a big deal at first. However, there are circumstances that make it a big deal, particularly when the person’s head hit the hard or cement floor when he or she landed. Such an injury can lead to concussion and even spinal cord injury, both of which should not be treated lightly.

Meanwhile, if the person’s back hit a hard surface, he or she can suffer from a fractured tail bone, it can cause extreme pain in the spine and lead to difficulty in walking or standing. Thus, an injured worker must not neglect his or her legal rights following an injury at the workplace. It is recommended that they file for workers’ compensation benefits with the help of a lawyer who handles such cases. Workers’ compensation benefits are especially helpful if said individual is going to miss work for a long time due to the extent of his or her injury.


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