You Don’t Have to Drive to Get a DWI

Even if your car isn’t on the road or is parked properly, you can still get arrested for DWI. You might have turned the engine off and are trying to sleep off the effects of a drunken night out, but these won’t exclude you from a DWI charge. How can that be?

Most people believe that DWI applies only to those who are driving a vehicle while they’re intoxicated because doing so puts people on the road in danger. If the car isn’t moving and is properly parked in a parking lot, other motorists are not really exposed to danger. So how come a driver can still get arrested?

Under the law in North Carolina, the term “operating a vehicle” covers a broad range of actions other than simply driving it. You can still be considered as operating a vehicle if you leave the engine running while parked. Additionally, sitting in your car and listening to the radio can get you convicted of DWI if you’ve been drinking.

Should you find yourself facing a DWI charge after being found in these situations, know that you can still get help for your issue. . Don’t hesitate to call a knowledgeable attorney who can represent you, and possibly decrease your chances of getting fined or jailed, or having your driver’s license taken away.Kurtz Blum, PLLC | Raleigh Criminal Lawyers


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