A Seasoned Raleigh Lawyer Applies the Law to Help Their Client’s Case

“While the events surrounding this case may be sad and tragic, the outcome is a validation of the essence of the law—that every person accused of a crime or wrongdoing is innocent until proven guilty. The case highlights the need for the right representation for anyone who has to face the legal system, in order to credibly present their side of the story. Hence, any resident of Raleigh, North Carolina who may be involved in a criminal case should seek the help of a seasoned Raleigh lawyer for his defense.

Terry Lynn Lingerfelt may have pulled the trigger which ended the life of Michael Scott Gragg, but the circumstances as presented during his trial suggest that he acted within the bounds of the law. Competent attorneys in reputable Raleigh law firms such as Kurtz and Blum can thoroughly comb through the details of a case and effectively apply the law to help vigorously defend their client. The work these lawyers perform is integral in keeping the spirit of fairness and impartialit


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