What to Expect After a Second Offense DUI Charge

Spending time with friends in North Carolina seems more fun when there are a few alcoholic beverages involved. Unfortunately, things can take a dangerous turn when those drinks turn into one too many. If you have far too many drinks than you can handle on one of these nights out, and still insist on driving yourself home, you might find yourself in great trouble.

For one, if you are not fit to drive, you are putting yourself in peril, as well as everyone else in your path—drivers and pedestrians alike. If authorities see you swerving uncontrollably or overtaking other cars carelessly, you will be asked to pull over and submit to a breath alcohol test right on the spot. If your test shows that you are over the normal limit of 0.08, the local police can arrest you right then and there.

Keep in mind that the consequences escalate each time a person is arrested for DUI. In North Carolina, if one is convicted as a second-time DUI offender, one can expect his or her driver’s license to be suspended for up to four years and to receive a maximum jail time of up to 12 months. For this reason, it’s best that the offender contact a Raleigh attorney to defend his or her rights and reduce the penalties.


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