Penalties for Shoplifting in North Carolina


Being accused of shoplifting certainly does no good for your reputation. Say, for instance, that you absentmindedly put a couple of grocery items in your pocket and forgot to pay for them on your way out. You could get detained at the store, in accordance with the so-called “shopkeeper’s privilege”, and face misdemeanor or felony charges even after you’ve given your profuse apologies.

Some shoplifting scenarios may be played out for comedy in movies or TV shows, but it’s an entirely different matter in real life. In North Carolina, for example, anyone suspected of shoplifting and concealment of merchandise may be charged with a Class III misdemeanor for the first offense. If convicted, the accused may spend at least 30 days in jail.

However, with the right legal help, such penalties can be reduced. A qualified Raleigh criminal attorney can create a good defense strategy so you don’t have to suffer the consequences of a shoplifting conviction. In addition, criminal lawyers make sure that their clients understand what the best options are given the circumstances. North Carolina defense lawyers can negotiate with prosecuting attorneys to reduce the penalties or push for a trial so they can present a good case.


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