Personal Injury Due to Defective Products


Any person can employ the services of a competent personal injury lawyer in Raleigh, North Carolina if he or she believes that he or she has been placed at risk by using a product. It is a serious concern and, as paying consumers, people have the right to voice their concerns. There have been cases where a simple oversight on the part of the product manufacturer has led to severe physical or emotional damage and even death.

One of the most highly publicized product recalls made a few years back involved more than two million Toyota cars manufactured between 2009 and 2010. It was found that the cars were equipped with defective gas pedals that would bring sudden acceleration to a moving car on the road. By February 2010, there were as many as 72 pending lawsuits against Toyota in U.S. federal courts.

One consumer product that is considered by experts to be more dangerous than a defective car on the road is far simpler in form—window blinds. According to a report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, since the early 1980s, as many as 500 people, mainly children, accidentally lost their lives by getting their necks caught in the corded loop of window blinds. On average, this is equivalent to losing one child to an accident with window blind cords each month since the statistics were first recorded.

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