Negotiating a Work Comp Settlement Minefield


Anyone who was injured in the line of duty has the right to be given their due work compensation, especially if their employer has at least three people on their payroll. However, circumstances may prompt the injured employee to aim for a work comp settlement, particularly when the employer has given tangible assurances that all bases will be covered. Even when a promise has been made, you can never be too sure of the fine print not wielding any surprises.

You have to learn of the various factors affecting the settlement. The degree of injuries as noted in your medical documentation, such as the accident report, will be sent with your claim to a comp insurer for you to be gauged with a disability rating. The rating will help determine the size and frequency of the insurance payments handed to you.

In helping structure the work comp settlement, figure out whether the comp claim will be fully closed after the settlement is done or if it will be reopened to cover medical expenses in the future. You also have to note if the settlement will cover permanent disability advances already paid to you. The biggest downside to taking a settlement, however, is possibly waiving your right to further treatment in case complications arise.


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