Are You Sure You Had Just One Drink?

kurtz-and-blumIt is never fun to be flagged down by the cops on a suspected DUI or DWI. This is true when you’ve gone out for a night on the town with friends but couldn’t down shots because you were entrusted with bringing them home. However, when you didn’t drink at all and the cops still stopped you for a possible DUI/DWI, there are some phases to undergo.

The first and most common is the field sobriety test: the officer will ask you to perform some moves that gauge your balance, response time, and body coordination. These will include standing on one leg and walking along an imaginary line. Even if you’ve made it through the field sobriety test, the officer can administer Breathalyzer tests on the spot to determine blood alcohol content.

Detention may be next on the cards if the suspect has been uncooperative with the officer. The suspect may undergo urine, saliva, or blood tests. The saliva and blood tests, which are conducted through a processing center, are expensive, but sport high success rates. Suspects sometimes make it through urine tests by switching specimens, but monitors can prevent any switches.

Testing for possible DUI/DWI is daunting and scary. However, it is important to follow each procedure and ensure that the officers do not violate established procedures.


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