Your Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Covers Self-Defense

When you’re being attacked with deadly weapons, you have the right to use appropriate force to ward off intrusion under the castle doctrine regulations. Still, you have to prove that it’s an act of self-defense and not an intentional attempt to hurt the intruder. Some criminal lawyers in Raleigh can help you with these defense.

George Zimmerman’s case was one of those self-defense acts carefully studied by a Raleigh criminal lawyer. Witnesses were presented and a video reenactment was done a few days after the incident. However, the Attorney’s office later dismissed the charges for lack of evidences, which fueled protests from a divided public. There’s a belief that racial discrimination was involved in the said case.

An experienced Raleigh lawyer, like Kurtz and Blum, PLLC, will be of great help in winning your case. They’ll establish your statement, evidences, and witnesses to assure the court’s favor on your appeal.


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