Tragic Slip: Resolving Cases of Serious Accidents

kurtz-and-blumYou’ve probably seen the slapstick routines of the comedians of old; they almost always revolve around grievous bodily harm by slipping on a banana peel. Such comedy may not be as popular today, but accidents are still real occurences resulting in real injuries. They’re also not funny, especially if they cause lasting debilitation or death.

While accidents may not have a clear perpetrator, they can be caused by the negligence of another. Perhaps an individual forgot to properly throw away that banana peel lying on the floor, or a man fell asleep at the wheel moments before crashing into someone. Negligence that leads to injury or death can be punished by tort law in order to offer compensation to the victims.

Court cases regarding accidents will often revolve around identifying fault. Much of the proceedings will be about proving the negligence of the defendant and how the turn of events led to the accident. Like criminal courts, plaintiffs can’t just waltz in armed with nothing but blind accusations. They’ll need tangible proof that the defendants are responsible for the damages caused. Thus plaintiffs will need lawyers to represent them so that they can stand a better chance of winning the case.


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