Drunken Driving is No Fun

Being charged for drunken driving is something most drivers would not want to experience. It can be traumatic for first time offenders, and although the best way to avoid it is not to drive when you’ve had some drinks, there are simply times when poor judgment leads to it happening anway.

All 50 states have laws against drunk driving, but the penalties and requirements vary. Some call it DUI or driving under the influence and others refer to it as DWI or driving while intoxicated but a number use both terms. They both mean the same thing, however, as impaired or drunken driving—and refers to a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or more.

Police officers usually charge drivers for DUI or DWI when they appear intoxicated, or have slurred speech and smell of alcohol. However, even if you pass a field sobriety test but recorded a BAC of .08 you can be found guilty of drunken driving. Most states have increased penalties with grave consequences for violation of this law.

Hence, if you find yourself faced with this situation, there is only one way for you to go—find a DUI or DWI defense attorney for help. Being caught for drunken driving is no fun, but it can be worse without a defense attorney by your side.


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