Liability Issues in Workplace Accidents

As one of North Carolina’s largest cities, Raleigh is expected to have an extremely busy work environment. To be in step with everyone else, employees double their efforts to accomplish their assigned tasks in a more timely manner; good for them if they are justly compensated by their employers. Of course, there are still those whose efforts are not recognized or even noticed at all by their employers no matter how hard they try. Some of them even work overtime without pay.

When overworked, these employees tend to crumble under increasing job pressure and work load. Due to exhaustion by working long hours, they have a tendency to lose focus and concentration, and become prone to accidents. It could be as simple as missing a step on the stairs and falling down, resulting to an injury. When an employee meets an accident in the workplace as a result of being overworked, the employer must be held liable.

This means that the employer must pay due compensation to the employee so the latter can have his or her injuries treated. It is also important that the employee continues to receive wages should the injuries cause him or her to miss work. There’s a good chance that employers would deny liability for the accident, so an injured employee must seek out a personal injury lawyer to help them get the compensation they so deserve.


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