Live the Teenage Dream Responsibly

Most teenagers dream of driving their own cars someday. It would be like a form of liberation or rite of passage as they take a step further into being considered a grownup. Owning a car, like finally moving out and being independent, is something teenagers look forward to in their young life.

Thus, when the time finally arrives and they’re able to sit behind the wheels of a car, it would be like a dream come true—and indeed it is. However, this dream can easily turn into a nightmare if teenagers don’t practice responsible driving. Accidents can happen resulting not only to damages to their car, but  also injuries and even death.

Statistics show that an alarming percentage of driving accidents among teens is the result of drunk driving. Alcohol and driving never mix, but most teenagers find out too late. While it can be exhilarating to drive under the influence of alcohol and other intoxicating substances, teens would soon find that the thrill is not worth the danger and consequences.

Fortunately, state laws exist to punish offenders and control the recurrence of drunk driving incidents among teens. These should teach teenagers that while dreams do come true, the responsibilities that go along with them are also very much a reality.


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