Drunk Talk: Debunking Myths About Drinking and Alcohol

Myth: Puking helps you sober up. The fact is alcohol absorption by the body is immediate, thus trying to stick your finger down your throat to get rid of “undigested” alcohol is a moot exercise. If anything, self-induced hurling may just cause throat discomfort for hours, and vomitus on your clothes. 

It is also believed that a cold shower, a hot cup of coffee, or fresh air helps sober a person up. Not so fast. Only time removes alcohol from the body. The rule of thumb: it takes your body at least an hour to eliminates a drink of alcohol (12 oz for beer or 1.5 oz for brandy, for example). Keep tabs on your alcohol intake so you can rest it off accordingly. 

Another myth about alcohol is that your body will react the same to it every time you drink. The sobering truth is that while you think you have a high tolerance for alcohol, factors such as the amount of sleep you’ve had before drinking, the contents in your stomach, your mental and emotional state—all these, among others, contribute to how your body will react to alcohol.

When someone passes out from drinking too much, you’d think it’s best to let him sleep it off. Fact is, passing out after drinking indicates that your friend has had way too much to drink, and a few more shots can seriously complicate his condition. Carefully monitor his breathing pattern and heart rate, and call medical attention, if needed.


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